Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Lightning Kid Is A Neat-Freak

The King and Queen had noticed a few particular behaviours that the Lightning Kid had picked up. For one thing, he liked to ensure the dining room chairs were pushed in any time he passed through the room. It seemed like he just liked things to be orderly in a certain way. Unfortunately, this did not translate to the toy area, where blocks, puzzle pieces, teddy bears, and other toys lay around like the aftermath of a terrible battle.


Still, there were other signs of a desire for order. While it’s common to worry about what toddlers will pick up off the floor, the Royal parents’ concerns were somewhat lessened every time the Lightning Kid would present a piece of tissue or a bit of packaging that he found, and after announcing that he had found it, he would march over to the trash can and drop it off.


The Queen had been trying diligently to teach the Lightning Kid to take his own clothes off. This delayed bathtime somewhat, as he was having some trouble getting the hang of it, but the biggest delay probably came from having to put each individual item of clothing into the laundry hamper.


Doors had to be closed. Drawers too. The Lightning Kid had a little miniature couch in his room that his father had pushed to the side once after they were finished playing with it, but the Lightning Kid was not satisfied until it had been pushed flush against the wall.


One couldn't say that the castle was a tidy place, but the King and Queen did get a kick out of the small amount of order that the Lightning Kid tried to introduce amidst all the other chaos...