Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Lightning Kid and the King as Troubadours

While travelling to the Academy, it was common for the King and the two Princes to listen to the music of the troubadours of the day.  When he’d been younger, one of Shark Boy’s favourite songs had the words “You’re my Sweetheart.” and he’d referred to the song as “Matthew Ha-ha” ever since.

Lately though, the King noticed that the Lightning Kid was trying to pick up some of the background vocals; a repeated “Ho!” and “Hey!”.  He had a little trouble with the sequence - mixing up when to say “HO” and when to say “HEY”.  The King decided to work on this to improve the young Prince’s memory, and also to help him with making clear speech sounds by reading lips.  The King would round his lips to encourage a “HO” and draw them narrower to encourage a “HEY”.  Though the King had been cursed with borderline tone deafness his entire life, this was the result.