Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resolving... the Problem of Not Enough Lightning Kid Stories This Year

Not every link in this story refers to posts from this year, please check the date of the post for context.  By reading older posts, newer readers can get acquainted with some of the tales this family has already spun.

And so it came to pass that the readers were betrayed, and had to go for a long period without hearing new stories about the Lightning Kid, or Shark Boy, the Queen, King or even the Stench Beast.  They were treated to occasional images to see that he was doing well, but the details of his adventures were not to be found in this space.

Let us try to rectify this betrayal, and catch up on the year gone by.

At the beginning of the year, Winter was in full effect in the Kingdom.  The Royal Family's usual strategy was to wear special boots that which could attach to boards that allowed them to slide on snow.  Here are some of their adventures on such contraptions.

When Spring arrived, the snow melted, and it was time to run as a family.  At races long and short,

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They met heroes, and conquered temperatures both cold,

and warm.

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They participated in another Buddy Walk, which was an even bigger success than the year before, and also resulted in the Lightning Kid gaining (temporarily) a green moustache.

It was in June, that the King and Shark Boy got a chance to try the magic of flight.  The elder prince also grew out of the Garden for Children and performed at a dance recital (oddly enough, with its own garden theme).

Soon after, they once again travelled to the strange land across the ocean.  This year, their adventures included cruising the river in a ship, climbing in a jungle, and visiting the land of wild beasts as well as working on his riding skills for metal horses.

Upon their return to their homeland, the Royal Family started Shark Boy in the a Ball of Foot league, only to find the coach of Shark Boy's team would abandon them in the time of need. With no-one else stepping in to fill the void, the King lent his meagre talents to the cause. While he did nothing to bring the team any victories, he did his best to make sure Shark Boy and his teammates left the field healthy and smiling at the end of each week's game.

You might remember August, where the Princes' skills were inventoried for the school year to come.

September was an auspicious month, as the Lightning Kid joined the academy, and got to wear a tie like his big brother.  He did very well in the new environment, and though the King and Queen occasionally worried that his delays in speech might hinder his ability to participate in classroom discussions.

There was another occasion to wear ties... the wedding of an aunt and uncle much beloved to the boys.  This aunt and uncle had been occasional guardians when the King and Queen went out for an evening, and during a visit to their more rustic residence, had conducted a treasure hunt for the Princes that was very memorable.  The Princes were to return the favours by acting as ring bearers during the wedding ceremony.  There had been much rehearsing, but it was agreed by all who attended that they did a perfect job.

One adventure in September that bears mentioning is that the King became a Man of Half-Iron.  He had trained for this race all year, and though the day was glorious thanks to good weather and a successful completion,  it was somewhat of a hollow victory because the Lightning Kid had to be taken to emergency healing by the Queen; the King questioned whether taking off on these flights of fancy was what a responsible ruler should really be doing.  The one saving grace of this hobby was the opportunity to help children like the Lightning Kid who had the misfortune of being orphans.

October saw the Royal Family marking the Princes' birthdays, in the same place they had it the year before.  The Princes also had their most exciting Hallowed Eve yet, and fetched candy and sweets with gusto.  Even the King and Queen put on costumes this year.

The Lightning Kid and Shark Boy had to put on performances in alternate languages before the end of the school year and made everyone proud.  The Lightning Kid also got his heart looked at, and showed the patience and calm of someone who's been through more than his fair share of examinations by healers of every sort.

As Yule time approached, the Princes performed in another concert.  One particular highlight was the Lightning Kid managing to keep up his song and dance number, with a top hat falling down around his eyes.

The Yule celebration season brought many opportunities to see the Yulefather, most exciting of these were on a iron wagonway.

The Royal Family, like many other families, closed out the year surrounded by family and friends, good food and good cheer... and they hope you have too.

If you would like to see any of the stories expanded upon, feel free to leave a specific request in the comment section below.