Friday, February 1, 2013

Darker Days

In the depth of winter, days had begun to turn dark.  The Lightning Kid found himself in constant battles with the Boobless Wonder, and their clashes had been epic and brutal.  The young Prince had managed to draw blood on the beast through pinching, biting and scratching, yet it would never go away for long.

In order to be able to stand guard against the Boobless Wonder, the Lightning Kid figured the best strategy would be to avoid sleeping at all costs.  He went on a strike from naps almost entirely, and fought against falling asleep at night... who knows what the Boobless Wonder could get up to while he rested?

Losing this much sleep meant, of course, falling victim to a cold or two that were very fashionable around this time of year.  The Lightning Kid and his brother Shark Boy co-operated through their illnesses to keep the castle from being quiet during the night;  besides the Boobless Wonder, who knew what other creatures might relish a peaceful, quiet environment in the castle...

The brothers found the King and Queen to be of little help; they seemed to be tired (and irritable much of the time).  In fact, they seemed to be openly plotting to find ways to get the boys to sleep more!  The days had turned dark indeed...

The King and Queen took the Lightning Kid to find out what the results of a test on his heart were.  More of the same - no great flaws found, yet not perfect, and it would need to be looked at again.  By contrast, a different test revealed that the Tiny Titans had been hard at work... The Lightning Kid's hearing was perfect now!  Even when the days are dark, there is light to be found.

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