Friday, April 19, 2013

The Perfect Heart

The Royal Family was a lot like other families... this is something they'd like you to know.  Most families with children like the Lightning Kid would like you to know how they are much like other families.  Still, there are things these families have to put up with, that they wouldn't wish on others.  A child like the Lightning Kid might have a flaw in the structure of his or her heart, one that would need fixing lest it become life-threatening.

When the King and Queen took the Lightning Kid to a heart healer, they received fairly good news in that there were no major flaws that would need immediate repair.  Still, there were some ambiguous signs that all was not right with his heart either, and that things would have to be monitored.  So every few months, the King and Queen would live in a limbo where things seemed fine, yet they might not be; not as bad as if there was a definite problem to correct, yet still, it weighed on them in worries that they could not allay.

It had been the same with the hearing, until that had been fixed.  After one more ambiguous test earlier in the year, even the healer himself had probably had enough mystery and asked for a little help.  The Lightning Kid was referred to a world famous house of healing where they would take a look at the structure of his heart, the third one so far.  He would need to be made to sleep, which as the King and Queen knew, he was always resistant to, and his struggles against it resulted in crying and screaming, which brought tears to their eyes.

They looked at the Prince’s heart, and even though there was a malfunction as the test began, the examination did not last very long... which would mean very good, or very bad news.  Since the Lightning Kid wasn't rushed off to emergency care right away, the King and Queen were able to take the little Prince home, with a good, although still ambiguous and unresolved, feeling.

It took another 3 weeks before the King and Queen were able to see the Lightning Kid's heart healer. It didn't take him long to tell them that everything looked fine with the Prince's heart! Once a year, they would take a listen to the heart's rhythm, but other than that, there would be nothing to worry about any more. The Prince's Heart was as perfect as the love it received and gave.

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