Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Buddy Walk

In kingdoms further away, there had always been special days where people with the same condition as the Lightning Kid had banded together to show their presence to the world by walking with their friends and family - they would walk through a prominent area with their 'Buddies'. They could show that they weren't simply something to be pushed to the fringes of society, they were fully part of it.

In the first year of the Lightning Kid's life, there wasn't a Buddy Walk anywhere near the King and Queen's Castle, which was saddening. This year, just after the Lightning Kid's 18 month birthday, there would be one, and it was attended by well over 400 people. His team of Buddies included many of the King and Queen's friends, including the Fairy Godmother and her own two princesses.

It was a cold day, and while waiting for the teams to gather before the walk, it was hard to stay warm. Shark Boy was being oddly lazy, and stayed in the royal stroller for most of the walk, though afterwards he could be seen running all over the place in his usual way.

There were all kinds of families there, each proud to be buddies to their special children (both young and young at heart).  There was even a Kissing Bandit, and though the King found the title threatening to his own title as a Kissing Man, he let discretion be the better part of valour and opted not to challenge the bandit...

The Lightning Kid's Team of Buddies completed the walk, and enjoyed catching up with each other over some snacks.  They were able to collect some olunder for their efforts.  The Royal Family knew they'd be back annually to Walk for the Lightning Kid, and for other children like him.

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