Monday, December 23, 2013

Seeing The Ability

During the days, when the King and Queen were busy, the boys were well-cared for.  To mark the season, parents of all children at the school were invited to a Yuletide party.  The children in Shark Boy’s class put on a little concert of singing, which was made even more adorable by red painted noses and antler head-gear.  The King and Queen attended Shark Boy’s classroom of fun, with the expectation that there wouldn't be much to see from the toddlers in the Lightning Kid’s class.

Still, the Queen felt guilty about abducting the Lightning Kid from his classroom and decided to take him back while the King and Shark Boy feasted on healthy snacks.  In the Lightning Kid’s classroom, the children were engaged in a craft activity to make a star.  As she was crouching down beside him, working on his star, his teacher came over to her and her me gently: "You don't need to help the Lightning Kid with his craft. Give him a chance and he can do it on his own. He has worked on many crafts like this during class time and when he wants or needs help he knows how to ask for it". The Queen was so impressed and amazed with the teacher!

It served as a healthy, timely reminder that we might all need.  It’s always important to see the ability in others.

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  1. Very important reminder! I often need to step back from my Kid2. She's my youngest and she's very small for her age...but she's completely capable. She's been telling me since she was one, "I do it my-by-self!"
    Your Lightning Kid is adorable.