Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hugs As A Way To Travel

It was the Eve of New Year, and the Lightning Kid was at a party hosted by his Grandfather with his brother and parents.  Shark Boy was having a fine time running about his grandfather’s castle and being unruly enough to frighten the guests.  The Lightning Kid was behaving in a similar fashion, though somehow it was better received - this is the difference between being 4 years old and being 2 years old.

The other difference in the ages was that a 2 year-old gets watched by his parents a lot more closely.  He constantly found himself blocked from going into this corner or that corner, from grabbing this drink glass or that person’s pant leg by either the King or Queen throughout the early parts of the evening.  This didn’t really suit his ambitions for the evening, so he hatched a plan.  He noticed a great number of people congregated near where drinks were being served (How odd).  He simply invaded the forest of legs, where is father would be unable to follow...

There.  I did it.  Now he can’t follow me... he can’t even see me...

...and I can’t see him.  I guess I don’t like that so much.

Let’s see what I can do about this.

You there! Would you like to pick me up?  I’m a prince, and I’m reaching up to you, now bend down here and lift, will you?

Yes, you can get a hug.  Now, where’s my father?

Ah there he is.  You there, lady, you’re closer to my father than this fellow, would you like a hug?  I’ll lean over to you from here, be sure to catch me.  Thanks, here’s your hug.  Unfortunately, you’re still 2 people away from my father.  NEXT!

And so he moved from person to person, swinging like a monkey in a tree, from hug to hug until he was safe in his father’s arms.  Until the next time he felt like dashing off...

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