Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Word and the Witch

There was a word that was sometimes used within the kingdom, that was feared and hated by the King and Queen. People used it to describe things they hated, things they found ridiculous or lacking in common sense. It could be used to describe someone who was acting stupidly. And the King and Queen knew that someday, somewhere, someone would use it to hurt the Lightning Kid.

Luckily, there were movements afoot, where people pledged not to use the word, and the King and Queen were not confronted with its use as often as they feared. Still, one day, a witch called the leader of a great land the dreaded word, and many were up in arms over the statement.

The King knew the witch to be what she was, meaning it was in her nature to say things that were cruel, mean, evil or false. She would continue to say such things as she always had, and never apologize, so there was no sense making such demands. The King envied the Queen, who had never heard of this creature; but he felt drawing more attention to the witch would only give her more power.

Still the furore continued, and the King began to change his mind. While he remained steadfast in his belief that the witch could not be redeemed, he figured that by calling out her transgression, others who did not wish to be identified with the witch's evil ways would realize their use of the dreaded word was inappropriate. So he made her use of the word known, and he made it known that the word offended the royal family, and it was an offence against the young prince.

Knowing how awful the witch was, people took the pledge in droves...

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