Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time In A Bottle

The King and the Lightning Kid had been out for a Chariot ride.  This had become a tradition of a good two weeks, and the King enjoyed it heartily.  For his part, the Lightning Kid... fell asleep.  On this particular day, the King was grateful for it since it had been getting harder to get him to take naps.  Still, once the ride was complete, the King did not want to leave the prince in the Chariot; knowing his nap had lasted nearly an hour and a half, the King opted to remove the Prince from the Chariot, and in so doing, woke him up.

The King brought the Prince into the castle, and noticed that he was still a little groggy, so he took the time to snuggle him to his chest, and get cheek to cheek with him.  The Prince giggled and kissed back as good as he got.  The Lightning Kid had been learning to crawl, to cruise and to climb and take on the world for himself.  The King knew that times like these would become ever the more scarce.

He took the moment and sealed it in a bottle, which he kept in the cellar with many others.

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