Friday, August 23, 2013

A Brief Bolt: Kayaking

The King and Queen had often enjoyed taken Shark Boy out on the water in a kayak when they spent time at their Lake Castle.  The year before, they didn't trust it to take the Lighting Kid in, but he was bigger and a little more easy to manage... they hoped.

The Lightning Kid did not like wearing his Magical Floating Vest, he found it came up to his jaw and that was stifling.  The King would not let that deter his ambitions and he placed the young Prince in the Kayak and set off down the shoreline.

The tricky part was always managing to make strokes with the two-headed paddle without bashing the little passenger in the head or face; the King had learned this the hard way with Shark Boy prior to this.  So when the Lightning Kid wanted to sit more forward, he had to be held back and discouraged from sitting up.  Other times he would try to stand up, which led to more power struggles.  At least he didn't mind getting water runoff from the paddle dribbled on him.

The King reached the end of the bay and turned around.  Now he was paddling against the waves and he felt his arms were getting tired.  He considered trying to bring the kayak back home as quickly as possible, and wondered if the whole thing had been a mistake.  The Lightning Kid seemed to settle down.  He must have liked the wind in his hair and the sunshine coming off the water.  He turned and looked up at his father with a big smile; and suddenly the King's arms didn't feel so tired anymore.

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