Sunday, August 4, 2013

Talkin' Lightning Kid

The Lightning Kid woke up, and the King took him out of bed, and carried him out of his room and stopped at the top of the stairs.

"Would you like to go downstairs?"


"I know you can say it better than that... DOWN - STAIRS."

"DehDeeDee". Why won't he get on with it? What's the difference? I'm pointing down the stairs, aren't I?

"Good enough."

These people seem to have real problems understanding me... it seems simple enough to me.  I guess they need a dictionary.

Mama = Help me; I want something
Papa = Let's have some fun; time to go
DeeDeeDee = Look at that!  Good for dogs, birds, any window etc.
Ditty = Cat
Dankuh = Thank-you*
Awdun = All Done
Bowwow = Dog

The favourite, most important word in the Lightning Kid dictionary was an all-purpose call to action.  It could also be used as a victory cry after accomplishing something or a means of celebration...


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