Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shark Boy Bedtime Stories - Sir Yaps-A-Lot

Inspired by a little boy who wouldn't let his father get a word in edge-wise.

Once upon a time, there were two knights: Sir Silent, and Sir Yaps-A-Lot.  They were summoned to the court of a King, who happened to have a lovely princess for a daughter.  The King told them of a nasty dragon who was terrorizing a village in the valley below the castle.  The knight who slew the dragon would be entitled to the dragon's treasure, a reward from the King, and best of all, he would be looked upon favourably by the princess.

Sir Yaps-A-Lot began to regale the King with tales of all the other times he had slain dragons, and the various battles he had fought in.  Sir Silent got on his horse and rode to the valley below.  When he got into the valley village, he could easily see smoke coming from a nearby forest.  He rode off toward it.

In the meantime, Sir Yaps-A-Lot had finally arrived in the village.  He asked every villager about how big the dragon was, what colour it was, what had it burned, and so on.  Sir Silent in the meantime, was getting a look for himself - he could see the dragon resting at the mouth of a cave.  He watched it from behind a tree and studied it well.  The dragon was covered in metallic scales - from the tip of his nose to the tip of its tail.  Sir Silent realized his sword could never penetrate the dragon's protective hide.

That was when Sir Yaps-A-Lot arrived.  Upon seeing the dragon, he loudly proclaimed how he could defeat any dragon, and went right back into the same set of stories he had told the King.  The dragon was amused by all this, and the loud knight had his undivided attention.

Sir Silent, however, had noticed a spot on the dragon where a scale was missing - the dragon had gotten an ouchie when it was very young, and the scales had never fully formed over the spot.  With Sir Yaps-A-Lot still yapping, Sir Silent went over to the dragon and poked it with his sword, right in its weak spot.  It fell over dead.

Sir Yaps-A-Lot began to complain about how unfair it was that Sir Silent had gone first, and began to yell and call Sir Silent names.  Sir Silent, on the other hand, gathered up the dragon's treasure and rode back to the King's castle.

Sir Silent was claiming the King's reward at the Castle, when Sir Yaps-A-Lot arrived.  He began to repeat his complaints about how unfair it all was to the King, while Sir Silent, in a rare bit of using his mouth, proposed marriage to the princess.  

Sir Silent and the Princess lived happily ever after.  And Sir Yaps-A-Lot is still Yapping.

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  1. My daughter was an Energizer Bunny. She still is, at 23. I can occasionally get a word in, although being a Professional Listener, I have trouble breaking in, no matter how much I am bored by tales of superheroes and vampires. So, occasionally I declare official Moments of Silence that never last as long as I would hope.