Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Academy

Shark Boy had grown old enough to move on from the school that had not only cared for him since the age of one, but also welcomed the Lightning Kid, allowing and encouraging him to be his best, in lockstep with other, more typical children his age.  Shark Boy would need to be in a school that would begin teaching the more fundamental academics of reading, writing and such, and the King and Queen did not want them to have to be driven to locations far away from each other, and so an era was coming to an end.

In the year-and-a-half or so past, the King and Queen had tried to figure out the best choices for the education of both of their children.  They wanted Shark Boy to have as enhanced an education as possible, with an eye toward learning a foreign language.  There were schools that they could easily send Shark Boy to, yet they would not be able to accept the Lightning Kid if he was not in the same program, and he would be forced to go to the closest school.  The details are not important, what is important is that the King but especially the Queen knocked on many doors in the quest to find the right school for both children.  They ended up finding one that would welcome both boys with open arms.

Still, the King and Queen were nervous, since the Lightning Kid had not yet mastered... the elimination of bodily waste in the commonly accepted method.  Nor did they feel he would get through the day without a nap, so they opted to put him in a nearby care centre that was just down the road.  More on that in a moment...

The King and Queen worked all summer long to make Shark Boy both aware and comfortable with the change he would soon be encountering.  He would wear a uniform, stop taking naps and have more expected of him during the course of the day.  What was the most exciting though were the opportunities to learn, especially the chances to have some of his seemingly limitless questions answered.

He took to his new classes with gusto, and soon the usual dance of “Am I going to school today?” “Yes!” was capped off with a “Yay!” rather than the old “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!”  His teacher was very kind and noticed how inquisitive he was.  He made friends within the class quickly and distinguished himself with his ability to learn (and sing) new songs.

When the Lightning Kid saw Shark Boy’s  new school on the first day, he didn’t want to leave.  Some anxiety at being separated from his parents was expected, but not how badly he’d miss his brother.  The drop-off at the place down the road was shaky the first day, there was no denying it, but they took such wonderful care of the Lightning Kid that by the second day he was acting like it had been his home away from home for most of his young life.

Shark Boy was always tired at the end of the school day, but what he wanted to do most when he got home, was play with his little brother.... and the feeling was mutual.

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  1. Adorably written. And Shark Boy's uniform? Charming! I am very much in favour of school uniforms...
    Also, three cheers for Lightning Kid, and even more for the King and Queen.